The grass isn’t always greener

I recently read a quote that begrudgingly, spoke to me. It went something like this….Give up the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, or with the next partner. Until you abandon the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.

I’ve always looked at my life as trying to do better today than yesterday…..but after reading the quote above, have I taken it too far? Back in the winter, I was in a rut. A BAD NASTY rut. I decided to “just be” and what felt like overnight, things started to change for the better. It’s just so hard to be content when you’re naturally a highly motivated and ambitious person and always looking for betterment. It just doesn’t feel natural.

Take for instance my current job. It’s great. I get to travel, work from home, have relative autonomy in my schedule. So why am I not content? I fought hard to get this opportunity but I’m already looking elsewhere. Without getting into the gory details, I’m a firm believer in positive reinforcement, and there’s a definite lack of positive reinforcement and feedback in my current role. I don’t need my ego stroked, but when you’re not even getting a friendly smile thrown in your direction….it’s pretty depressing.

Nevertheless, new personal goal……switching focus & energy from looking for greener grass to watering & tending my own grass is worth being a passion project. Positivity breeds positivity. Isn’t that what they say?

Any personal stories or advice? I’d love to hear them.

New year, new chapter

Maybe it was my December attitude adjustment or maybe it was my skills and qualifications, whatever the case, January has delivered to me a new opportunity 😁.

With this opportunity comes a completely foreign routine. Getting up at an ungodly hour to commute into a major metropolis. I’m almost one month in and it’s really not as bad as I was expecting…..with the exception that I’m away from my family for more hours of the day. I really love the new role though. It’s exciting and fast paced, but is it worth the time I’m spending away? I don’t know. My kids are all of age that they don’t “need” me for necessities. Maybe it’s just me that needs of let go and realize that I can have the things I want instead of feeling guilty about not being at home in case someone needs emergency laundry done. Advice anyone??

Lets Grow

“When you lose faith, you lose the essence of life.”

I come up with so many great ideas when I’m in yoga class, and by the time I get home, I can’t remember any of them. This is either the result of a great yoga class and my ability to calm the hurricane of thoughts rushing through my mind, or I’m just getting old. LOL

Today however was a bit different. I attended a class with an instructor who was new to me. Throughout the class she not only gave direction on the poses, she also gave an amazing narrative on slowing down and experiencing life. This really resonated with me and made me think of the way I live my life.

I’ve been going through a tough time lately. I recently have found myself between jobs (which is a whole other topic) and I feel that I’ve been trying to cram things into a day, create things that aren’t there……force things to happen that I have no influence over. Because I haven’t been able to influence these certain situations in my life, I’ve been viewing them as failures. Today however, I’ve decided to go about things differently. I’ve starting the day with an affirmation. “When you lose faith, you lose the essence of life.” Tomorrow I’ll choose a different affirmation to focus my day on. My hope is with these tiny shifts in thought, I’ll heave myself out of this funk I’m in and through the law of attraction, materialize some of these positive thoughts into reality.

Namaste 🙂